Publishing issue (slide display) with SL360

I have just completed an eLearning course.  When I view in SL, in edit mode or even when previewing entire project, everything looks great!   When I publish to Review360 or LMS, the backgrounds of the slides look gray.   They are supposed to be white.  

I have done everything I can think of.  I updated drivers for my PC, I even discovered in the process that I had an older version of Windows that was no longer supported so I updated that.  Still happened.  So, uninstalled and reinstalled Storyline.  Still happening.   I sent the file to a co-worker and had her publish it to Review 360 and viewed her version and the slides are still gray.  So, I've ruled out a graphics card issue, computer issue - I'm guessing now that it's something with the file itself.  So, is there anyway to fix it or am looking at having to redo the course?

Pics attached.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kelli!

Thank you for sharing the photos and the steps you've taken! It looks like you're using a custom player where the background color is changed. Does this sound familiar?

To change the Player's color, you'll need to export the player to change the HTML code.

Let us know if you have any questions!