Publishing issues with Storyline 2

Hello everyone,

I have read all the discussions for this issue and I don't see that it has been addressed. I have Update 3 and am still having the publishing issue which is only resolved by using Task Manager. When reopening, a splash screen says that your project has been recovered and then publishing works again. However, it only works for a couple more times.

I cannot fix my application as instructed either as our laptops are locked down. I can't reinstall.

Does update 4 fix this issue? It doesn't show it in the list.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Troy, 

This is an issue our team is continuing to investigate, but I don't have an updates to share yet - hence why you haven't seen an update in the threads or in reference to update 4 (here are the release notes for all things handled in that update).

If you're able to consistently reproduce this issue with Storyline freezing upon publish and working once again after using the task manager - can you connect with our Support team so that you can demonstrate the issue and share some additional information with our Quality Assurance team who is investigating this?