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I've been trying to publish and update my first content to my LMS and I've been running into some issues.  The LMS we are using is Skillsoft Academy.

I have tried both SCORM 1.2 and AICC formats and both are not working as planned.  The LMS system allows me to upload a zip file (as long as there is no spaces in the path/name) and it is causing an error and not reporting what it is.

Under a different user I was able to attach a SCORM imsmanifest.xml file and that finally got some action moving, however it caused errors on the following files and I'm wondering if this is the same reason the .zip files are not importing correctly either.

There's about 20 of these errors in the output, all .WOFF files which I'm assuming are font files. 

INVALID FILE TYPE - calibribcharset1.woff
Adding file C:\Users\Kevan_Stranges\Desktop\CarbonTaxModule_Storyline_output\html5\data\fonts\calibribicharset1.woff

I'm reaching out from a LMS perspective but wondering if anyone has run into issues like this previously? I'm all excited to get some content published onto the LMS - it's like a Friday night, with beer, and the game is about to start - and then you notice it's in a rain delay :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kevan,

I'm not familiar with SkillSoft, but I know that I've seen users mention it before in the threads below. Although those are a bit dated, you might run across other users who have experience with Skillsoft and contact them directly via the Contact Me link on their ELH Profile. 

Perhaps other users will be able to chime in and share their experience, as well!