Publishing multiples files and burning to DVD/CD

Apr 14, 2013


I've found a few posts on the subject but am still not 100% clear. Can someone please help me? I am trying to publish 1 course of 14 modules onto a DVD. I am a little thick and need step by step instructions. 

Any help would be appreciated.



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Peter Anderson

Hey Stephen!

Here's how to publish a Storyline project for CD/DVD distribution or local viewing. 

And keep in mind, when you publish a Storyline course for CD and burn it to a CD or DVD, you may find that audio and video resources are slow to play. Due to this lag time, audio or video may even get truncated or cut off during playback. This article has or eon that. 

Hope that helps
Ashley Sharp

OK, I am just too visual of a learner and need step by step directions myself. I'm not sure what to do after the directions below.  I am not sure how to actually get the files on the CD.  I tried data burn but all i ended up with was audio.  I tried copy/paste on the files to CD and a DVD and i get "unrecognized".  What am I needing to do? Please help I need this sent out this week! YIKES!

What do I do with my files once I've published?

Now that you've published, you can burn the files to a CD or DVD, or copy them to whatever local destination from which you plan to deploy your course.

  • Note: If you burn your course to a DVD, it must be played in a computer DVD drive. It will not function in a DVD player on a TV.
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ashley,

The directions may vary a bit based on your computer, operating system, etc. but once you've publish to CD, your output folder should include a files set like this:

You'll then open your CD writing program or Windows Explorer and add these files to the CD's directory. Then choose the option to 'burn' the CD. Once you've burned it to the CD, you'll want to use the Launch_story.exe file to run the course. 

Carmelo Moschella

Hi I guess I have come a bit late to this thread. I am wanting to  publish 11 modules in a course to a DVD.  Each of the modules will have questions that the user needs to complete 100% to progress to the next following module in sequence. Once they complete all 11 Modules successfully they will be awarded a certificate and should be printed from the DVD.  (I saw a forum post on here,  that discussed printing an award/ certificate?

Do I create in Articulate Story line Project a menu with  11 modules buttons  and link them to the modules ?

Please help, would  welcome your replies.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Carmelo -- Thanks for reaching out here, and while I will defer to your fellow community members to provide insights and advice on the method they think would be most effective for what you have in mind, I did want to mention if you'd like to reach out to Stephen (the original poster) to see what ended up doing the trick for him, you would be welcome to do so via the 'Contact Me' link on his profile page. 

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