Publishing on wikispaces or a wordpress site

I want to use one of my Storyline presentations as part of a personal portfolio, which I am currently compiling on a wikispaces website. Can an Articulate Presenter or Storyline presentation be shared on either of those types of websites? Without a regular website to which I can FTP the project, how should I share it? The projects are usually too large for regular e-mail. Thanks for any advice!

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Jane - 

You'll want some kind of space to upload these to. One of the best options I've found is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) buckets. For your scale it'll more than likely be free. You need to use a heap of space to get into paid territory.

You can then link to these packages from your Wiki. It'll seem seamless to your users. If you have your own wordpress site, this is a handy plug-in written by Articulate's own Brian Batt on his own time

You can't use this on hosted sites since free sites don't allow plugins.


Gayla Keesee


Can you tell me more about how to use AWS? I use PBWorks for my courses and for my portfolio. What I've been doing is simply uploading the zip file and having users download and extract. This is time-consuming and doesn't show off my examples well. I am not necessarily a techie when it comes to FTPs and servers. My experience is on the graphics/instructional design end.

Peter Anderson

Hi Gayla

When you publish your Articulate content for web, you'll need a web server or a web hosting service to distribute your content online. If you don't have access to a web server, you can sign up for a free Amazon S3 account. Then simply upload your published output to your account, and give your users the link to your online course.

Amazon S3 offers free hosting service with generous usage limits. However, if you go over these limits, you'll be charged a graduated fee.

To learn more about Amazon S3 or to sign up, click here.

Dropbox is another great and free option:

Gayla Keesee


Thanks for the reply. I currently use Dropbox for file storage, but that just allows me to link to the .zip file. I tried clicking to open the player, but it just brought up a new window/tab in Firefox. If I set the player option to have a Launch in new window link, would that work? Or am I stuck having viewers download the file, extract all, and then clicking the player link?

Sinead Murphy


Could someone please help me! I've looked at this video, which is very straight forward, and I've copied every step diligently. However all I get is an empty screen when I try and play it. I've tried it on my PC with explorer and the Mac on Safari, but nothing! All of the files that should be there are there so I'm beyond puzzled. Can anybody please help?

Thanks so much

Peter Anderson

Hi Sinead, welcome to the community!

Are you looking to store your files on Dropbox specifically, or just looking for a way to share your published course?

If you're looking for a temporary solution, there's nothing better than Tempshare

This article has lots of other more in depth options for you also. 

Hope that helps :)

yuna buhrman


i have been trying - unsuccessfully - to launch my project using AWS. I uploaded all the files to a bucket and set the ACL to "public" but when I navigate to the weburl for the story.html file, all i get is a blank page.

I tested the same file on tempshare, and it works there. What am I doing wrong? The URL for the story file is



yuna buhrman

hi Christie. 

thanks for the link to the thread, it provided me with the info I needed! Turns out I had to do three things to make my project work:

1. Change the ACL permissions at the bucket level to be "read" only for the public, and select all subfolders and files to have this designation as well. 

2. This was a larger file, so I had to wait until all the files were updated with these permissions. So, if you're using Cloudberry, watch the queue to make sure all the files are updated before trying the url.

3. Change the story.html to story.index.html

thanks for all the help, really takes a village sometimes ;)