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Adam Sullivan

I have put a lot of work into the second scene. There is audio, engage interactions, custom triggers, and a company-approved background. I tried to copy it to a new story file and I lost a lot of the audio and the background. Is there a way to migrate from one file to another without losing all of the work I've done? Thanks in advance for the help.

John Denner

Lets not pussy-foot around this, If you have two completely unrelated scenes, then they should probably be in separate story files. This is typical to any document if you really think about it.

I'm guessing (yes assuming) that you want to keep them within the same file for ease of use. However, when it comes to separating the two it becomes difficult because any software solution doesn't see this as something you would want to or probably should do. For good reason in my opinion.

So you have this one file (that should probably be two+) and you want to publish them separately. Off the top of my head I would think that you would create a new project (not difficult, don't over think any of this) and import the scene that should be exclusive. These are all basic procedures but I understand if they are all new to you. You probably should have created them separately in the first place but "s" happens right?

Hopefully it should be as easy as that. Trying to keep it all in one file will probably be more difficult in the long run than separating them. You'll probably waste a lot of time trying to do otherwise to accommodate your personal preference

Hope my comments are helpful. BTW anything that Phil Mayor (and a few others) says is pretty much gospel. Ignore the post count of some other people. They just like to respond to every single post and don't contribute much at all when you add it all up. However it does help with search engine results I guess. *poke*

Adam Sullivan

Thanks Ashley and Jesse. 

John, not to seem butt-hurt, but we all make mistakes and I was put on very short deadlines for these projects. We've all been there and made small problems into big ones. That is what happened in this instance. I greatly appreciate your response, but your direct language regarding this situation has left somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth. 

Thanks all!

John Blum

Hi Leslie,

This is a great feature.  Why is it limited to Articulate Online?  We publish the Word version of every course, and add an edited version of it to the resources tab.  Would it be possible to expand that feature to not only different output formats, but also be able to publish multiple scenes.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,