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I have a website (did not work), a moodle (worked when published as SCORM) and google drive (not succeeded).

I would like to publish examples of my work on my website. However, for some reason I cannot manage this. I am aware of the iFrame code.

What is the quickest and easiest solution to this dillema?

I have published as courses on my LMS etc, and they are fine. But I want them to be more public where people do not need to sign in.

I am aware of publishing for web. etc.

Any quick fix to this problem is much appreciated, even if it means publishing to another site. My samples are good and I am looking for some freelance work at the moment, from a couple of hours, to a couple of months. However, without samples it is difficult.

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Hi Carol, it sounds like this might take a little bit of trouble shooting. I'm not sure of your experience level so apologies if you have done this but you should be able to publish the course as html, which provides a folder of all your files. You then copy the entire folder into the public_html folder or the directory that you wish to link the course from within public_html.

You then navigate to that link, for example, if your site is and your course name is "helloWorld"  then your course should be visible at 

If you have got this far, let us know what error you receive or what is happening? 

Carol Ann

Thanks for the advice. I just have another question, I have just completed a portfoio of samples and want to ensure my twitter and linkedin can be linked for anyone to press. Would I need to use java script for this? Or is there a simpler way?

I am also thinking of going down the free articluate space for 10 days then getting my website sorted out. Any advice much appreciated

Carol Ann

in the end I published to articulate temp site and posted on my profile.

It's only samples and doesn't mean a whole course, just parts.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.... it just shows some interactions.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carol Ann,

You can add a trigger to Jump to File/URL and include the links for your Twitter/LinkedIn set up. You'll want to test those in the published output as the links won't work in Preview or if viewing the published content locally.  You can also look at adding hyperlinks directly as described here.

Hope that helps!