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Oct 05, 2017

Imagine my disappointment... downloaded Articulate 360 today just before lunch, opened a 57 slide Powerpoint already with timeline animations, into Storyline, hit preview as a test and nothing... it sat there thinking about it for over 30mins. Oh, well perhaps it was a bit big to start with straight out of the box. So, import a 10 slide PPT presentation, insert audio for each frame/slide quickly adjust the image animation etc to match the audio. I hit publish (Web), gets about 3/4 of the way "writing Launch Content". can't cancel or quit...

Any ideas? - off for a cup of tea and reboot my PC (Win 7, 64bit).

Just back from a cup of tea, after the PC reboot and still the same effect on publishing as above.

thanks, Dom


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Dom C


18 hours later and wading through a waft of replies except to mine, I try publishing a new, fresh one slide project with 12 seconds of audio. Storyline freezes when "Writing Launch Content".

I tried 'Studio' as a test of my PPT and the same happened again... it froze.

Could Adobe Presenter be causing a conflict as that is what I have extensively used before?

Dom C

Hi Leslie, apologies for the long wait for a reply, a weekend got in the way!

Publishing freezes, but it does create so far as the Flash elements of the project but not the HTML element, which is what I'm really interested in. Below is a screenshot of the folder publishing creates - this is after 30 minutes and I have force quit the programme.

file structure

We have our IT support visiting today (Monday UK time) to re-install 360 and include the update. I don't have admin rights to our system and we have 3 other users that are experiencing the same issue. (plus two more that haven't loaded the software yet).

Keen to get this sorted due to looming projects, as the package looks great to use.

thanks, Dom

Dom C

I've added a video clip of what happens.  at the end, the window sits there and I'm unable to do anything with the package except for force quit with Task Manager. Here is the output folder that is/was created:

The folder sits on my 'C' drive.

Just a  reminder we have our IT contractor to arrive soon to re-install and check permissions etc.

Thanks, Dom

Dom C

This is what happened when our IT contractor visited.

Under their Admin sign into our LAN, they could publish the projects so that the distribution option panel (email, zip, etc) displayed at the end. They are not sure how or what permissions are required to open up the application to publish fully for the 'ordinary' users on the LAN.

Is there a link to some technical stuff about what to do?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dominic!

Well, you're getting closer to a solution it seems, but I would hope that your IT team would be able to assist with that.

Where are you wanting to upload and host the content? 

When publishing, please be sure that your folder is local and not on a network. Try publishing to your desktop, since the file length would be shorter as well, and see if that works for you. 

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