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Crystal Horn

Hi there.  Thanks for sharing the .story file.

I was able to successfully publish for web, and I was also able to preview the entire project.  Typically if there is any corruption in the file, I wouldn't be able to do either.  One thing to be sure of:  always publish directly to your C: drive, and then you can take the output files and do what you need.

I'm attaching the zipped published web output.  If you're consistently getting the crashing message when trying to publish this file, can you try opening a new project and importing these slides into it?  Save it with a slightly different name and attempt to publish that new version.

Let me know how you make out!

Indrani Sen


Please could someone help me out.  I am having problems with publishing my Storyline 2 file.  The file is large.  I opened a support ticket, and followed all the steps.  I am definitely working and publishing my file in C-drive.  


This is what I did:


1. Restarted my computer

2. Uninstalled Storyline 2

3. Reinstalled Storyline 2

4. Restarted my computer

5. Opened a new project, and imported slides from existing course.

6. Saved the new project.

7. Published it in C-drive.  And still got this error.


Now, I am replacing all the fancy fonts with standard fonts.  Perhaps that will fix the problem.  I really do not know.

Many thanks,