Publishing SCORM file

I have tried sharing my presentation via email of zipped file, and drop box, an they are unable to open it. They are saying it appears the presentation wasn’t published properly for SCORM.  They stated the output should have a file in there called imsmanifest.xml and that it looks like it was published for local playback, but needs to be published for SCORM or AICC.  This is totally out of my understanding, can you please instruct me on how to publish a file for SCORM?

Thank you!


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Vanessa -- Thanks so much for your question! With respects to Publishing and Sharing Your SL2 Content, here is an article that may be of assistance, and here are the steps for how you publish for LMS, where you can choose SCORM or AICC. 

You may also want to consider uploading your course published for SCORM to the SCORM Cloud here, where you will be able to share a link that will be created. Here's an article to help walk you through the process: How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

And if you choose to publish for AICC, please see here. Hope that helps! :)