Publishing SCORM to Require Learner Listens to Entire Presentation

Hello!  I am trying to publish SCORM for our LMS.  The Storyline project does contain audio and we want to require Learners to listen to each slide before advancing to the next.  

The tracking settings are set so that the Learner must view all slides.  However,  in testing, the Learner is still able to advance through the presentation without listening to each slide.  How do we prevent the Learner from advancing through the slides without listening?


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Jenifer,

Go to the Player Properties> Menu Option > Navigation Restrictions. Set the Menu to Restricted.

With Restricted navigation, Storyline automatically disables the Next button when a slide's timeline starts, and enable it when the timeline ends. It will also keep the Next button enabled if the user revisits the slide. This setting works even if you don't show the built-in Menu.

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