Publishing, security, my head and a brick wall


After trying multiple solutions to resolve the AS security issue to protect my file(s), I've once again hit a brick wall over securing my app so that the whole world doesn't get simple free download access to all my months of hard work.

I am trying to make my app available for streaming over Amazon S3, and the problem with this setup is because the story files are located in the folder story_content, then Amazon doesn't allow security to be placed on these AND the app (swf itself), and allow them to run. The entire app runs perfectly when the swf and the story_content folder (and files) are set to 'all users = read', but as soon as you place any means of security on the folder, it simply doesn't work.

I have no doubt that Amazon will not change their setup if I ask them, so is it possible to create an option in AS to output the entire published app to a single swf file?

I realise this is not going to be an option for many projects (due to the sheer size), but for the smaller projects, it IS a viable option and, once this is in place, can be delivered securely.



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Peter Anderson

Hey Russ!

Publishing to a single swf is one of the most popular feature requests I see. I'd recommend sending our development team a note explaining your situation and why it would be a beneficial enhancement for you, in the form of a feature request. Thanks for the input, and good luck with the project!