Publishing SL2 to LMS - Exit Course Issue

I published a course to our LMS using SCORM 1.2. The last slide was set to "exit course when timeline ends" but I also gave users the option to "click the X in their browser window to exit." Some users had no issues. Other users would click the X and the course would still show "in progress" according to the LMS and would only complete when the timeline ended on its own. At first I thought it was a browswer issue as some folks were using IE and others Chrome or Firefox. However, the inconsistency just doesn't add up. I went into the LMS settings and I came across this Rudimentary Sequencing settings. I have attached a screenshot of the page. Can anyone explain this in laymans terms to me? I just want the course to show completion for each user when they have viewed all the required slides. Does it matter whether they click the X in their browser or allow the timeline to end? I don't know if this is where my issue lies.

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