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Oct 30, 2014

My project, while still in development is going to have upwards of 80 - 90 slides and will contain video as well as audio.  The non-profit with whom I am contracted uses a platform called 'Canvas' to manage their learning modules.  I have sent a draft copy of one of the scenes to the individual who manages their 'Canvas' platform and although he can open and view the scene on his computer he cannot successfully post it to 'Canvas'.  What he gets is what looks like the Articulate player with that whirling circle in the middle that indicates it is trying to open - but it never does.

Do you have any tips as to why this might be happening?  Am I not publishing it in the correct format?  Do you  have any experience with the 'Canvas' product that would indicate it is not vigorous enough to support an Articulate project?


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Mary Field

Thanks Ashley.  We're going to try this but I'm not sure what we can do if this doesn't work.  It's odd because before we even started I created a small project to see if it could be posted and it was successful.  This gave us confidence to put a lot of work into creating a more elaborate project.

I'll be asking further questions if we continue to run into glitches.


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