Publishing Storyline 3 file as mp4

Nov 21, 2019

If I import a Storyline 3 project into 360, would I then be able to publish it as an mp4 file? Would there be anything that wouldn't import completely?

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Jennifer Clarke

Hi Sean - I don't know about the 3 to 360 part, but I'm still waiting for a resolution to a "publish to video" issue I raised about 3 months ago here

Some audio didn't play and motion paths didn't either. So just an FYI for you.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Sean!

The short answer is yes! 

In Storyline 360, you can publish a storyline project as a single MP4 video file when you want to insert it into another project or upload it to a video hosting site, such as YouTube.

When publishing the course to Video, the course is not interactive. You can read more about the published output here.

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