Publishing Storyline 360 Without An LMS


I have been creating a training for reporting child abuse and neglect for our non profit agency.  We really love Storyline 360 and the availability to make things interactive for our learners.  However, we are not wanting to use any LMS programs due to the expense and our need to publish this training to upwards of thousands.  We don't need to track much information just how many people have completed the training. 

We were thinking of embedding a google form at the end of the course that the learner has to complete in order to receive their certificate. 

Does this seem plausible?  

Also will we be able to publish the training to our website without using an LMS?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.


Ashley Gonzales 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Ashley!  These are all great questions, and I'm happy to help.

I love the idea of using a Google Form to capture learner information.  Using a 3rd party tool is a very popular way to track learners when you aren't hosting your content in a learning management system.  Check out this tutorial on adding Google docs!

If you publish for web, you'll have a folder of files that can be uploaded to your server.  You can link learners to your content using the story.html URL once you have the content hosted.  Here's an article about uploading your content to a web server.

Let me know how you make out!