Publishing Storyline content - error

Jun 14, 2016


I have a pop up box telling me that I have successfully published my content (I published to CD and there are files appearing in 'My Articulate Folders').

However, when I look at 'View Project' in the same pop up box, I get the message:

'Something has gone wrong with Articulate Storyline and it might close'.

I have sent an 'Error Report',

Has my file saved or not?

I must say, I am getting pretty frustrated with this product...I have already had an instance where all my files and back ups have got corrupted and have had to re-do all the work.

Many thanks for any input I can get.

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Megan Corker

Hi Karen,

Did you say you published to a CD? It might be that Storyline is trying to find the project and is failing because it's an external disk rather than a local area.

Try exporting to your machine (like C drive or similar) and then once you've viewed the project, copy it across to the CD that you want the project to be on.

Hope this helps - sorry if I misunderstood.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Karen!

The error report that you submit goes to our development team and is more for overall product health being tied to a specific user that we can assist.

I'm not sure why your software would be crashing at this point, but you may want to consider a repair of your software, but yes it should be saved.

If you utilize open vs view, does this functionality work for you when you utilize launch_story.exe?

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