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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kris. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

You can find information about hosting Articulate content in Adobe Connect in this knowledge base article.

A note regarding Adobe Connect Meeting:  Although you can track Articulate content in Adobe Connect, you will not be able to share Articulate courses in Adobe Connect Meeting.  Adobe Connect Meeting only allows one file to load at a time (e.g., a single SWF or a single HTML file).  Since Articulate content relies on multiple files to function properly, you will not be able to display it in Adobe Connect Meeting.

Sara Skopljak

If Storyline does not function in Adobe Connect Meeting, do you have to have the Adobe Connect Training suite for learners to access/complete courses?

I was recently given Adobe Connect Meeting, but need to know if I should upgrade to include Training in order for my learners to have on-demand access to E-learning courses.

Any advise?

Kristen King

@Sara, Are you interested in actually sharing a course in a live event, or do you want to use Connect as an LMS to allow users to access the course? If the former, it is not possible as explained above.

If the latter, you can publish to LMS and then upload the resulting ZIP file to your Connect shared content folder. When you provide learners that link, they will be able to access the course that resides on your Connect server. You should be able to do this regardless of what "version" of Connect you have. It will be labeled as SCORM content in the "type" column. Be sure to set permissions to public or create a password you share with your learners if they are not required to log in to access materials.

A couple of things I've noticed when uploading a course as shared content:

  • You can track how many times the content has been viewed, but not who specifically has viewed it.
    • A workaround is that you can generate a personal link for an individual learner and then get an email when they've viewed it. That's not scalable for a lot of people, but perhaps it is for you.
  • The course will start from the beginning every time
  • The course I uploaded did NOT track quiz answers. It may have been the SCORM settings since we were testing with a course that we had published to Litmos for a client. But you should test it before deploying to users if reporting quiz answers is important to you. 

Happy to help answer additional questions about this. Not sure I'll be able to, but willing to give it a shot!

All best,


Christie Pollick

Hi, Kristen -- Thank so much for sharing your insights and the info above! As a few months have passed since the last activity in this thread, it's possible some of the participants are no longer subscribed here, so if you would like to reach an individual directly, you are welcome to do so via the 'Contact Me' link on their profile page. 

Jennifer Philippe

Hi Kristen, 

We would like to create a course with graded questions in Storyline (preferably Rise) and use Adobe Connect as the LMS. We hope to have a certificate of completion automatically emailed to the learner after they successfully complete the course. Another option is that the learner would receive an email with a link to a certificate, after they have successfully completed the course.   

I am hoping for a solution that would enable us to resend the learner the link to their certificate if they lose it. 

Do you have any thoughts on how to handle certificates between Storyline/Rise and Adobe Connect?