Publishing - Tabbing order not working

Hello All

I am publishing my elearning module (see attached screenshot) to test. The module works fine but once I start testing the web accessibility features, the tabbing order i set on each slide does not work in my published version. Im i missing some setting when im publishing to enable it? thanks



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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Simon!

Thanks for that screenshot and for reaching out. Since you defined the tab order of your slide objects, that should carry over to your published courses. Let's dig in!

First, could you share more details on what you're seeing happen in the published output? Also, what version of Storyline are you using?

If Storyline 360 build 3.36.21213.0 or later, we optimized slide navigation to require fewer keystrokes for screen reader users and keyboard-only users. This resource covers how the new experience works.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation!

Simon Ellis

Hello Katie

We have create modules in version 3.37.21614.0.

I have setting the tabbing order and alt text onto every slide.

Once I publish my module (setting on pervous screenshot) and view the content by: 

1. Save the attached zip file to your computer.
2. Extract (unzip) the file.
3. Double-click the story.html file.

The tabbing order is not working as i set it. I only tabs onto videos then the next button.

it is odd, as when my colleague publishes the modules, in the same way. the tabbing order works.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Simon!

I'm happy to help! The objects that are highlighted when tabbing through are interactive objects. This is any object that needs user interaction. This includes buttons, hotspots, videos, etc.

I'm happy to test your file on my end to check the behavior! You can attach it to this discussion.

Simon Ellis

Hello Lauren

Apologies for the delay,

I have attached an example of an elearning module for you to test.

We have set the tabbing order and to reader everything on the screen, left to right and down the page. once i publish it, it does not work. 

Any help or advice would be much appreciated

Many thanks