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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Barbara,

I haven't found any information regarding publishing multiple files to one CD for Storyline, but found an older blog post in regards to Presenter.  Are you able to put all the Storyline files into one .story file and separate them by scenes? You could then create a starting slide that is a menu which would link to the individual scenes. 

Barbara Dodridge

I noticed on the blog that you directed me to that someone mentioned  "create an HTML launch page on your CD that launches each module separately"

Another post asked a question about using Server2Go. I looked that up. It sounds like it's software that enables web based material to run on a CD. It sounds like these are related.

In this case would I publish the content for web based content instead of to CD?

Is there anything more you could tell me about the above. Thanks.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Barbara,

I haven't used either method - neither are supported, but could certainly help if that works for you. When you publish for CD, an HTML file is included, but I'm not sure if that's the one that's being referenced in the information you could.

I would recommend publishing for CD first and trying that HTML file - I don't see web content working well from a CD. If that doesn't work, you could always try publishing for Web and using the method you found. 

Let us know how it turns out! :)