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Jan 29, 2015

I have a video (view mode) created in Articulate Storyline.  I want to publish it as a Word Document, but each time I publish, the screen shots are reduced to a size that makes it almost impossible to read.  Anyone have any experience with this.  Any suggestions for a size to video in that might produce better quality screen shots when converted to Word?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tami

which version of SL are you using.

I just created a screen recording and published to word - selecting 'image size' large and it looks fine  - I have attached the word doc for you

i just tested in SL1 using the medium image size and that's ok too.  Maybe it's a setting or preference in Word?

Tami Sellers

I am using SL2. I believe my problem is the number of pixels on the screen I want to video and then when it converts to Word it gets "shrunk"...of course, that's just a guess on my part. I am attaching a copy of the word document that I've created while playing around with this. There are three examples where R = Screen Resolution, V = Video Axis. All of these were saved to Word in "Large", but the client wants the Word Screenshots to be larger. Expanding them once they are converted to Word causes them to blur. Thanks for responding

Wendy Farmer

Hi Tami

there was no attachment but I have just found this link to a SL2 about screen recording - you may have already seen it

Here is a snapshot of info about

Step 3: Size and Position the Recording Area

Here are some helpful tips for sizing your recording window:

To optimize your screencast so it fills the entire slide, be sure the size of your recording window matches your slide size.

The largest screen recording area that's supported is 2046 pixels by 2046 pixels.

Multi-monitor recording isn't supported.

If you're recording a web application, we recommend using Internet Explorer. It sends the richest data to the Windows Accessibility API, so Storyline knows what to record. Firefox also works well. Google Chrome reports little information, so caption details will be missing and some steps could be omitted entirely.

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