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I have created 27 chapters of grammar practice exercises that I can't get to work in BlackboardLearn. Each chapter has 30 to 50 questions. I want to know how far they got. None of the methods (completion triggers, slide tracking, or quiz results) will show a figure or percentage in BB unless the student completely finishes the entire chapter. Is this a known issue? I've looked everywhere and tried everything I can think of.

I have attached a reduced chapter (only 10 questions) if anyone with BB wants to take a look.

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Elizabeth Miles

Hi MaryAnne,

I usually just use a complete/incomplete to put a checkmark in Bb and was able to get that to work for your file using the SCORM 1.2 setting and tracking minimum slides viewed as 4.  I've had problems with this because the default in Storyline is to track viewing of ALL slides.  When I've had optional slides (i.e. Help slides or slides that can be skipped due to branching) I've had to change that number.  I'm not sure if complete/incomplete will satisfy your requirement, however.  I use it in Bb to track completion, then apply an adaptive release rule to display a discussion, quiz or other assessment related to the Storyline content. It sounds like you're really close because you're getting SOMETHING in the gradebook.  Hopefully, this will help!

MaryAnne Nestor

Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you for responding.  Humm. That makes sense, but if I lower the number of slides, I won't know if the student has made it to, let's say, slide 8. (Right?) What I'm trying to do here is to see how far the students get in the exercises and then see if it makes a difference in the final test grades.