Publishing to CD in Storyline 2 issues...choppy playback

I have recently done updates to a course that was built a couple years ago.  It's pretty large, being a 2 hour course.  When publishing in Storyline 1, the cd seems to work without issue.  I have published 2 different cd's, one for the original course, and another for updates to the course last year, both in Storyline 1.  This year, I upgraded the file to Storyline 2 for new updates, per the clients requirements.  When launched, the animation in the course is sluggish compared to the cd's I created in Storyline 1.  Audio sounds fine.  You can see all the content that is supposed to fade in and out, but it is more like the content just appears and disappears.  And my cd drive seems to be working much harder.

The updates to the course are minimal, mostly changes to text. I am burning the cd's the exact same way, using the built in cd burning software that comes with Windows.  I've had this computer for a few years now.  I had a couple other people try to burn cd's on their machine,....same issues.  Files are always copied to the local machine before burning.

When I open the cd in Windows Explorer, and I run the story.html file on the cd, the content runs fine.  So, I copied the 'Launch_Story.exe' from the Storyline 1 version and overwrote the Storyline 2 version and burned a new cd.  The sizes were slightly different, so I figured that had to be it.  Nope.  Same issues.  Has to be something with the content.

The content from the Storyline 1 version and the Storyline 2 version are both around 154mb's.  So the size of the content isn't the issue.

Any ideas what else I can try?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob,

Thanks for reaching out here and sorry to hear about the issue you've encountered. You mentioned that the files are the same size, I assume that's prior to publishing? How large is the published output folder? You also mentioned coping it locally and I wanted to confirm that you're working on the files locally and then publishing to a local drive first, and then copying or burning the files to the CD? 

Does the auto run file (the Launch_Story.exe) not work? We're aware of an issues as detailed here where it may not work as expected. 

Have you tried running it locally prior to burning it to a CD? How does that version behave? 

Bob Mongiovi

Hi Ashley,

The output folder sizes are about the same size.  The Storyline 2 version of the .story file is a little smaller than the Storyline 1 file, as it seems the conversion makes it smaller.  But basically the same content.

So, I have the .story file on my local drive, and I publish the CD files locally (same folder).

The Launch_Story.exe file works as it should.  And yes, if I double click that file on my local machine, the content runs fine.  But once it's on a cd, it's sluggish.  I did have someone else publish and burn the files to cd on another computer with the same results.  Just wanted to make sure it wasn't my cd burner.

I only need to make about 5 of these CD's for our client, and I think the content is acceptable, as in you will see all the content with the audio, just not smoothly.  I'll be sending them out because of a deadline.  

But I'll will be looking more into it in case they come back with complaints.  Hopefully not. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob, 

Could you instruct users to download it from the CD and play it locally? I can't think of why the CD output would be running slower - and I'd test it myself but no CD drive or CDs to burn to even. :-(   I could try on a USB drive - as that should behave the same, but I'd want to test with your files to see if the upgrading caused issues as you mentioned. Can you share the .story file here from SL1? 

Bob Mongiovi

So, I just found out that the five CDs I am sending to the client are meant for backups for anyone who won't have internet access and needs to see the course, so I'm guessing there won't be an issue.  I agree that we can just tell them to copy the files to their computer to view if they notice it is sluggish.