Publishing to Comply365?

May 02, 2014

We have been trying to publish to Comply 365, yet when we upload the zip file it only allows the used to download, unzip, then view the presentation by selcting the story.html. I do not see where we would be able t o upload a whole file, unless it was zipped. Am i missing something here?

If anyone has any insight on Comply 365 that would help out alot!



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Nancy Woinoski

Hi David, I'm not familiar with Comply 365 but tI see they say they support Articulate. In other LMS systems you upload the zip file and then once uploaded there is some way to extract the files from the zip. Some systems do this automatically while in others you have to manually unzip. Once unzipped users should be able to click on the story.html file to run the course.

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