Publishing to HTML5 vs HTML5/Flash backup

Hi everyone

We currently have the vast majority of our courses published as Flash but are looking to change over to HTML5 exclusively.

In the meantime, we have published some courses to HTML5/Flash backup but many users have found they are still needing to enable Flash in order to get the files to work properly.

Can anyone advise as to whether going solely HTML5 has been painless or any issues they've encountered?  I'd hate to convert all to HTML5 only to encounter more issues for users given that most have now amended their Flash settings in the interim.

We are using Moodle 3.3. and Storyline 360.

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Matthew Bibby

For those who need to enable Flash, what browsers are they using? If Internet Explorer/Edge, can you check if their browser is running in compatibility mode. 

The fact that they are asked to enable Flash suggest that the browser they are using doesn't support HTML5. You can see the system requirements for viewing SL courses here

Matthew Bibby

Odd. I use exactly the same publishing settings and have never run into this issue.

What version of Storyline are you running?

After double checking your publishing settings... I'd contact support regarding this. Let them know what browsers the issue is occurring in and provide a copy of your file so they can investigate. You can reach support here. 

Matthew Bibby

Yes, it’s a good option in my opinion as it means that people using a modern browser get the optimal experience but those who are still using older browsers can still access your content in a reliable way. While SL360 is wonderful, like all software sometimes bugs can creep in. It sounds like it isn’t behaving as it should so I’d definitely check with support after you’ve double checked your publishing settings.