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Jan 29, 2020

I am about to go live with a lot of content on an LMS called Matrix. I was wondering if anyone out there has had experience with this LMS.

The person leading us through the setup with Matrix seems very skeptical about scorm files and their capacity to work in the LMS. He is saying they can only let the LMS know when the course is complete, they can't send other information such as success/failure. He also says SCORM will slow the process down and will interfere with the user experience. Also has issues around real estate taken up by the Storyline file, which I can pretty much deal with - turning controls off and closing menu. So I am looking at saving as Tin Can and hoping this will allow the LMS to know what the user is doing in the course.

Any advice on how I should proceed with this endeavor? I have a lot invested in this from an LMS side and from Storyline - I am convinced that Storyline is giving a superior end product, but this guy is really down on e-learning software. Can Tin Can or Scorm talk to the Matrix LMS? And to what extent?
Thanks for your time.


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Prana Dasa

Hi Jeff,

Well we've been on the journey for most of this year now.

Matrix does have a few issues around Scorm files, but is manageable. One annoying thing is, some users, on some versions of Safari browser, get an error message and the file can't be viewed. The only solution to date is to get them to use Chrome, which has solved all cases so far.
We do package some large scorm files, with video clips and different audio which is slow to process, but once it is all opened it is fine.

I have recently been looking at RISE, particularly for building our courses which rely more on video. You still publish RISE as Scorm but it definitely opens faster as the files are being accessed from the cloud (Articulate's server) and not from the scorm package itself. My understanding is that instead of drawing on the video file within the Scorm package it is drawing on a link to the file on the server. This makes for a much faster user experience. 

Matrix is a sophisticated LMS for sure and Storyline is the best e-learning authoring tool around. So two great products. Matrix is expensive and until you get good numbers in the system puts a big strain on finances.

I hope that helps.

Jeff Forrer

Hello, have you had any luck with progress and completion in Matrix?  I am not getting progress updates in Matrix when done, only 0% and then 100% ONLY if they passed, otherwise progress stays at 0% until they pass even if they complete the whole course or quiz.  Seems like there is no completion, only progress and it is not updated from SL/Rise real time.  I did a quick test quiz in SL and published, see settings below, results and report.  Thanks for any help!

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