Publishing to mobile, how do I export with no skin?


I've recently begun to create mobile eLearning using Storyline 2.  When I publish and test on various phones the content appears on the screen within the skin and it does not fill the screen.  It is also not pinchable/expandable.  All the features do work, however.  I designed it with the dimensions of an iphone 6 and set the Browser settings to resize to fill the screen and the player to scale to fill the browser.  How can I publish to mobile without a skin and the content filling the entire screen.  It behaved the same in both mobile safari and mobile chrome.



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Julie Stelter

Hi Tim,

I'm working on a similar project. Here is the link for a chromeless or transparent skin

I believe I read yesterday that the "fill screen" isn't available in mobile. I can't seem to find that info today. It might be in this link. I remember reading that it is a mobile issue not a storyline and there is nothing that can be done.