Publishing to MP4: Layer Trigger working erratically


So I've tried every which way of publishing this story to MP4 with the embedded audio and the triggers work when the story is previewed and partially work when publishing to MP4 but all of a sudden they stop advancing. Anyone got any ideas before I through this through the window?!

I've gone so far as to publishing each slide separately (see attached) and I've attached the story so you can see it works.

I just need to pull it out as is so that I can importing into our video editing software.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks so much for sharing those files with me! I had a look over your triggers, and everything appears to follow the guidelines we suggest for publishing to a video file. 

When I published your course, I found that the video ended on Slide 3, Financial Layer. Is that the place where the video stops for you, as well?