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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Itzik.

Although we don't provide specific support for the development of custom LMSes, it's not really about making your LMS compatible with Storyline--more like making your LMS compatible with one of the 4 standards we support:

If your LMS follows one or more of the specifications above, Storyline's output should "just work!"

Itzik Nativ

Thanks and good morning/evening (depends from where you look at the sun (-

I will learn more on these 4 standards.

I myself, am not a developer but will need to use one.

I want to understand enough to know what to expect and what to communicate with the developer (I guess it will be a PGP and MySQL).

So, If you would explain to a "simple" non professional  person, can you try and answer my questions:

1- What data from Storyline project can be transfered to an LRS or LMS system? ( Data entry fields, variables, session bookmark etc)

2- How is this data been stored? file? temp file? 

I will be very greatfull to get  some answers (-:

Itzik Nativ

Hi Again,

I talked with my intended developer and he asked me to rephrase my question - 

I would like to make a multi user web application that canstore and retrieve the Storyline data from a database.

What would be the best practicefor plugging in my own calls to a web service to store and retrieve data forme?

Alternatively, if the abovescenario is not possible, what would be the best way to upload Storyline outputfile to a web service to be stored in a database?


Please, can you give us an answer?