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A SME recorded his screen. The .story file has 5 slides, each with a part of the screen capture. I have edited the screen captures and then published, I opened the Storyline file and found 5 separate MP4s, so I inserted them into a single slide and published again. The output is the same--5 MP4s. Is there a simple way to merge these into one file other than me using another tool or using Storyline to record the MP4s as they play when I open the story file in my browser?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Natalie,

If the screen recording was conducted in Storyline or another tool, and you split it across 5 different slides, I'd expect to see 5 different files. If you've included all those videos on one slide, timed one after another, they're still separate video files and therefore would remain as such within your published output. If you're trying to cut down on total number of files in your published output - then yes, I'd suggest using another tool to merge the video files together or rerecord all the elements with Storyline and place on one slide in a new copy of your project. 

Natalie Parker


Yesterday I combined the files using MovieMaker. I did, however, insert all five videos onto one slide in Articulate - and the published file still output 5 separate MP4s. Is there a setting I need to change to get the content on the one slide to output to a single MP4?


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