Publishing to Oracle Learning Clould (OLC) and having the LMS repeat failed courses

Aug 17, 2020


Using Storyline 360, I'm publishing SCORM 1.2 for the Oracle Learning Cloud, yet I am wondering if any other users have had success and:

- Had the course be able to push a retake after a failed attempt.

- Keep the content in the OLC Launch window.

I attempted to publish the course using the setting suggested by Oracle (see attachment), yet under the Complete/Incomplete Setting, it considered the course complete with a failed score. Additionally, I am attempting to minimize the number of browser windows a learner may need to navigate, so I'd prefer they not open an additional window/tab and clearly see the "Save and Close" button within their view. 



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Katie Riggio

Hello Michelle!

It sounds like you're looking for guidance from fellow Oracle users, but I'm happy to extend a hand and share a few related resources:

  1. Have learners retake a course after a failed attempt: Add a Retry button and a Reset Results trigger on the Results slide or Failure layer.
  2. No additional browser window: Many LMSs automatically open courses in new windows, so you could uncheck the Launch player in new window box in the player.
  3. Reporting: The article below explains each reporting status as well as which reporting option and LMS standard you should choose when publishing Storyline courses.

Let me know if that helps clarify! And if you could share the .story file, we can review the project in SCORM Cloud as a baseline test. Simply use this private upload link. 😊