Publishing to Review Issue - Storyline 360

I am trying to publish a Storyline 360 course to the Review tool and keep getting an error message that says "There was an error publishing your course to Articulate 360. Please check your internet connection and try again."

However, if I publish it to the web, it works. Also, I am able to publish other courses without a problem. Could you please advise what the problem might be? Thank you!



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Bob O'Donnell

I had the same issue happen - it seemed to be caused by our antivirus program. Try closing everything down and restarting. When our antivirus pops up I need to set it to accept what I'm doing as being a legitimate action. After a few seconds it will publish to the review site. Not sure if you get antivirus messages like that or not.

Additionally, I've had a similar problem writing the SCORM package. The software didn't like Storyline creating a .zip file on our server. We're working on trying to get it whitelisted so it doesn't get flagged as a bad program. Same issue happens with audio files that have Closed Captions. Antivirus has a fit.