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Jun 14, 2017

Hello, I am an instructional design student using Storyline 360 for a class project.  I've published my project for web distribution and an output folder was saved to my hard drive.

My problem is what to give my professor for grading.  I can double-click the HTML file on my computer and all is well.  When I tried to save all the files to my Dropbox account, it will not work.  What can I do to make sure the HTML file I send my professor will work?  Do I need to send the entire output folder?

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Ali Goulet

Hey there R Madeline,

So glad that you're learning all the ins and outs of Storyline 360! 

When you Publish for Web, you'll need to upload the entire published output onto the web to ensure it plays properly. 

If you'd like your professor to be able to view your content without the need for uploading it, use the option Publish for CD. This doesn't mean you need to put it on a CD, it just formats the output to be viewable without having to upload it to the web. 

Once you use that option- send your professor the entire published output. They'll need to download it to their local computer then double click the "Launch_Story.exe" file to run the course. 

Another option since you're using Storyline 360 would be to publish to Articulate 360. Your course will then be uploaded to Articulate Review in your 360 account and you can give your professor the direct link to it. Your professor will even be able to make comments on it that you can view too! 

Hope that helps clarify, let me know if you have questions! 

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