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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rachel,

You'll need all the files included in the published output folder loaded onto the USB drive. 

I don't believe the auto run file will work on the USB drive as it does on CD, and I'm not certain if anyone in the community has created a custom method for this - so hopefully they'll be able to chime in here if so! 

Best of luck with your project! 

Bruce Graham

So...just to be clear here....

Publish as "CD" type, remove the autorun file, copy to a datastick, and then user can fire up the "player.html" file to run the course?

Please confirm.

I'm creating some courses for a refugee situation, where there are PCs, but no internet or DVD drives, so this is the only way to get some courses viewed.


Steve Gannon


When you publish for CD, a "Launch_Story.exe" file is created. That is the file users should run to launch the course, assuming all users will be running from a Windows-based computer. If some users might be running on a Mac, they can open "story.html" to launch the course, assuming their computer has a browser installed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bruce,

Are you using Studio or Storyline? I know that folks have mentioned the auto run doesn't work on the USB stick, but I don't know that you need to remove the file from the output - and in general I'd advise against modifying the published output. You'll want to use the .EXE file to launch the output. As Steve mentioned though, the .EXE files won't work on a Mac. You can manually launch CD-published content on a Mac by double-clicking the story.html, presentation.html, quiz.html, or interaction.html file in your published output (depending on the authoring app you used to create the content). However, local security restrictions may prevent your published output from working properly.