Publishing to Word

Hello, I am attempting to publish to Word. After selecting all my settings and clicking on Publish, I keep getting a warning message: "The folder 'title of course output' is read-only, being used by another process or you do not have the proper security permission to access this resource.

This location is my direct external hard drive. I save files at this location all day long. What do I need to check? This is obviously connected to Storyline. I am using Storyline update 1: 1208.1316

Thank you.

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Jamie Morgan

Hi Sara,

I had this happen once and it was resolved by restarting my PC. For some reason, something had "hung up" when I had closed out of a file and was still showing it as active, thus preventing the writing of the output. The restart cleared everything and it worked fine after that.

If this doesn't resolve it, then I'd recommend submitting a case to Articulate's support team for assistance.