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I am running SL 2 on parallels. Windows 10 - I just tried to publish to word from my course and it told me that I needed Word 2000 or newer. I just installed Word 2016 to the PC side of my computer and published without error, but the folder is empty. I cannot install Word 2000, I don't even think it is available anymore, nor do I think it will work with Windows 10. 

I have a client needing accessibility and the course wasn't built with alt tags so this is my only option at the moment. 

Please help!


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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Susan.

Storyline 2 supports publishing to Word 2007 and newer (including Word 2016) once installed in Windows, so you should be compatible there.

I think we're going to want you to fiddle with your Storyline installation a bit, and possibly send us some log files for further analysis.  So, I've opened up a Support Case on your behalf, and you should expect to hear from us very shortly with some ideas.

Thanks for telling us about this!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susan,

I see that Robert also sent you some additional steps you were going to follow and I included them again below:

Please verify if your virtual machine is set up according to the tips in the article below on using Articulate apps in Parallels Desktop:

Also, the latest update of Storyline 2 is Update 11, and was released in October of 2016. You can see the full version history here, and download that update to ensure you're using the latest update. 

Please feel free to let Robert or I know if you're still having difficulty. 

susan jones

Hi Ashley! Thanks for getting back to me, I was able to get my client to publish to word - unfortunately it doesn't solve our issue as it needs to be able to be read by JAWS!

Since the courses aren't all ready built with accessibility in mind this solution won't work for us! (unless of course I go into each document and add notes to them from the storyboard which is a lot of work!).

Thanks for your help!


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Bill Cohea

I'm not using parallels, and I'm getting the same error. I have the latest version of storyline 2 and am also using word 2016. I need a word version of a training for a legal case and for this to be an issue is a huge problem. Since the problem was brought to your attention 9 months ago, I'm disappointed it has been corrected by now.

Justin Grenier

Sorry to hear that you've run into this, Bill.  It's not a widespread problem, and publish to Word works really well for most of our customers.

Having said that, we want to get you fixed up!  If you'll reach out to our team, we can do some troubleshooting on your machine to see what's going wrong.  ...and if you upload a copy of your .story project file when you do that, we'd be more than happy to publish to Word on your behalf as an interim workaround!