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All of a sudden, when I try to change slides viewed when publishing under tracking, the number won't stay.  It will go to 1 slide out of several.  This is new as all was working well before.  Also notice that if I try to change LMS out of Tin Can to SCORM and back, it will not allow me to go back to Tin Can.  Anyone else experience this anomally?  I recently had a massive computer melt down and had to get a new PC so all programs had to be reloaded.  Also went from XP to Win 7. 

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Dennis Hall

Hi Jeffrey:

If you have published your course correctly and your course keeps taking you back to a slide previous to the slide you exited from (assuming you properly exited), then your issue is that your SCORM output is exceeding the cmi.suspend_data size limit that can be stored in your LMS database.

Here is a link to one of my related threads:

Also, related to TinCan, if you have published and linked a TincCan course in your LMS, the TinCan course files are assigned and cannot be replaced until you remove the course from your LMS (which will free up the assignment).

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Jeffrey Foster

Thanks for all the quick responses Dennis.  Unfortunately this problem has manfested itself when I go to Publish the project and I have been playing around with new as well as pre-published material.  All was working well.  Now when I try to Publish and set the amount of slides I want them to view, the slider goes nuts and if I have a project with 80 slides and want to see 70, the slider will auto go to 1 and not let me select 70.  Other problems associated with this:  I cannot select Tin Can for a new project . . . goes auto back to SCORM 1.2.  And the other options aren't allowed either.  When I select the player and try to change colors, styles and fonts, those are also not allowed!  So something has gone amiss.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the program with no luck.  I have update 3. 

We have been successfully using the Tin Can option now for some time (since January) with no issues and up until yesterday had no issues publishing and selecting the options.  My computer had a meltdown so had to reinstall on a new computer.  Went from XP to Win 7.  All other functions seem to work fine in SL.  Only Publishing and Player seem to be affected.   

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeffrey! Sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time with this. Is it just one project? If so, you may try to import into a new project to see if that helps. If it's Storyline in general, then we have this troubleshooting guide to assist. You can always reach out to our support team for assistance as well.