Publishing Training in Storyline 2 for Flash Update

May 06, 2019


I am working to make sure a large number of courses will continue to work in our LMS after Flash is discontinued. Many are in Storyline 2 format, and we have been using Storyline 3 for newer training.

The primary browser at our organization is Internet Explorer 11. To test if courses will work without Flash, I disabled Flash in IE 11 and opened the courses.

The first batch of course files I updated were in Storyline 1, so I converted them to Storyline 3 and published in HTML5 with Flash fallback. Those work fine in IE 11 with Flash disabled.

I also tested training recently published in Storyline 3 that was published as "Flash/HTML5". That training does not load in IE 11 with Flash disabled, it opens to a blank screen.

We also have training that was developed in Storyline 2 that isn't opening in IE 11 with Flash disabled. I republished this training in Storyline 2 with "Include HTML5 output" checked, but when I tested with Flash disabled the content doesn't work (image attached.)

Is there a known fix for these issues?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Gavin and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing the details of what you are seeing in your testing.

I see a couple of issues reported:

  1. Course published in Storyline 3 with Flash/HTML5 not loading in IE11 with Flash disabled.
    • The HTML5 output is supported in IE11 for Storyline 3 as you can see here.
    • My quick test works as expected. Could you take a look here and let me know what you're seeing?
  2. Course published in Storyline 2 with HTML5 output included not loading in IE11 with Flash disabled.
    • This would be the expected behavior. The HTML5 output for Storyline 2 is only supported in Google Chrome on a computer. Check out our system requirements here.

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