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Mar 05, 2017

I have received a notification my project was successfully published, however when I copied and sent the link to my colleague she received an error message, cannot find file....verify the path or internet address is correct.


I wonder if I am missing doing something as this step in the guides says:

Step 7: Distribute Your Published Course

Now that you've published your course, it's time to upload it to a server and give it a test run. Then send learners a link to the story.html file.


How do i upload it to a server?    I thought it had automatically as the link created works for me.


Help!  :)


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Walt Hamilton

If you are sending her a less that fully qualified link she will have trouble. For example, if she has the network share mapped to a different drive letter, a link using drive letters will not work. If she has access to where it is, she will need an link that starts with the domain name, and doesn't include drive letters. If some of this seems esoteric to you, probably the best bet is to zip the published output, and put it where she can download it, unzip it and run it, or id you have access to an LMS put it there. Third option might be to publish for CD to a CD (or other portable drive) and physically deliver it to her. My favorite - brownies to the IT dept. (Can you tell I used to work IT?)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pam,

Just an FYI if you're publishing to web or LMS, you'll want to ensure that the viewer has access to all the files that are generated as a part of the published output. We'd always recommend uploading the entire contents to your web or LMS to properly test it, and if you're not ready to place on a live site, look at using or SCORM Cloud as an LMS option. 

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