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After publishing my video, it does not always appear on the slide, dependign on where I move the published file to.

I've tested it as follows:

1. Using the Insert > Video function. The video is selected from a folder located at C:\Articulate Storyline\Videos, then the story file is published to Web at C:\Articulate Storyline.

2. When I play the 'story.html' file directly from this folder it works fine. However, when I move the Published folder to another location on Citrix the video is missing, altho' all other text button elements are visible and working.

3. I've also tried playing the Published file from another folder on the server (not accesssed via Citrix) and the video is visible.

Hopefully you can help with this.


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Dongxue Sun

Hi Felicity,

My experience is that whenever I tried to play a storyline file ('story.html') located in a shared folder (something like Citrix I guess?), the video won't play, and it doesn't seem to be something we are able to fix. The only way that I can let my co-workers to fully view the content is to have them 'download' the file to their local hard drive.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Felicity,

You mentioned moving the file, are you moving the entire published output folder or just the story.html file? You'll want to keep all the files together and load within the intended publish environment as described here. If you need to play locally, you'll want to publish for CD as described here.

Hi Andrew,

If you're final destination for the published content will be the LMS and it all works as expected there, that's great to hear. If you also need a web version, as I mentioned to Felicity you'll want to test within a web server after completing a second publish, using the to web option. You may also want to review this article for reasons why videos may not work within the published output.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Felicity,

How have you published the course - as web or CD? If published for the web are you testing within the intended environment or just moving to a different file folder? If you need a testing platform, you may want to use one of the options indicated in this article.

Keep us posted on how the testing continues.