Publishing Video to FLV rather than MP4

My subject says it all... i was wondering if there was anyway to have storyline publish inserted video as an flv rather than an mp4.. the server that will be hosting our training does not currently support mp4 files.

I'm working with server folks to hopefully get that changed.. but in the meantime i was wondering if i could customize the output on the storyline end.

What i'm doign is inserting a video clip... i was given the videos as a wmv.. if i insert it that way.. storyline encodes it and publishes as an mp4.  I tried encoding it outside of storyline into an FLV.. and then inserting it that way.. and it still turns it into an mp4.

I looked around at all the settings i could find.. did i miss something?

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Jamie Morgan

You didn't miss anything. Storyline encodes videos as .mp4 because that is the required format to play nicely with the ios operating system (iPad). Since Storyline uses one published file to support 3 potential platforms (desktop, HTML5, & mobile), it encodes to .mp4 since that is the most universal video format to support all 3.

I recommend trying Geert's suggestion as a work-around and see how that goes.

Helene Sobelman

Thanks for the responses... that was my last resort... (putting the videos somewhere else and linking to them).

I'm glad to know i wasn't missing an option somewhere... as luck would have it apparently my nagging has worked and settings on our content server have been changed to allow for mp4's

sometimes the squeaky wheel does get the oil!