Publishing with setting Flash with HTML5 fallback to fix IE11 font dispay issues - advice


I need some advice.

IE11 displays fonts poorly, even when you use a web font. They come out looking like Times New Roman.

However, I have found that if I use the publish settings 'flash with HTML5 fallback', the fonts display fine in IE11 and also fine in Chrome and Firefox - making all our clients happy.

My question is, is there a issue I don't know about when publishing this way? Something that will not work properly because I have selected Flash first?

I have done some trials and it appears that the modules work fine, but before I go and update the 20 modules, I thought I'd check to see if anyone knows of a reason why I should not publish with these settings.


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Hi Noel.

We had a similar issue when we started removing all flash components from our courses and republishing as HTML 5 / Flash fallback - a lot of the fonts wouldn't display correctly.

If I recal correctly, our issue was being caused not only by IE, but also security restrictions applied by our corporate IT. The solution for us was to work with IT to have our certificate for the site amended and ensure the LMS website was added to the trusted list. 

Unfortunately our company cant move away from IE currently, so we are constantly having to find solutions to IE only issues with our LMS and Storyline 360. (and the LMS owners didnt want Flash / HTML due to issues with flash popups in Chrome when remotely accessing the network)

Not sure if your clients are able to adjust their browser settings but that might help if you want to use HTML / Flash. 

As for using HTML 5 / Flash or Flash / HTML 5 I believe it comes down to how the end users browsers have been configured. IE handles flash better than HTML5, but Chrome doesn't support flash. If one doesn't work, the browser will look for the alternate and display. We have had issues where Chrome prompts users to install flash, or even 'click to run extension' which doesn't happen when Chrome tries to run the HTML first.

Noel Read

Thanks for the info - we have external clients who will not change any IE settings. I will trial the flash with HTML5 fallback modules with a range of clients using either Chrome or IE, and see how they find it, and then make a call on how to publish.

Chrome will be stopping Flash at the end of next year, so by default it should revert to HTML5 in Chrome - well, hopefully that's how it will work.