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Oct 15, 2015

I am having trouble publishing for the web. I have the latest update and i am publishing to a local drive.

When I hit publish SL2 invariably hangs. I have to cancel and try again, usually several times before it will actually publish. Sometimes it works if I cycle through the publishing types and go back to Web.

Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a work around?



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David C

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your reply.

The file name is much less than 256 charactors (even including the path). I have published the file. Its not just 1 file it's any file I am working on. It's just frustrating that I have to mess around with it nearly everytime I want to publish.

Seems to be effected by the time of editing. If I open a file and publish it straight away then it usually works. If I spend a few hours editing then I have trouble. If save and close SL2 and then reopen the story file it will publish straight away again.

It usually goes like this - I edit the file for a while then publish, I hit the publish button and then usually get the circle cursor and then nothing happens, no blue line to say it's working. I have left it like that for more than 30 mins and nothing happens. I then have press cancel at least 2 times to stop it. I cancel right out of publishing and try again. I usually have to do this a number of times before it will work. I have found that cycling through the types of publishing berfore pressing publish will sometimes make it work. I occasionally have to close SL2 and reopen.

I am sure my computer is up to spec and i am publishing to a local drive. Seems strange.


Walt Hamilton


If I can make a workflow suggestion, ALWAYS save before publishing or printing (especially if you are not using a networked printer). That way, if something causes your system to hang or crash, you haven't lost work.

I've had SL hang so many times that I always restart it every couple of hours as a general practice, although I will say that I have a new unit with 8gb memory, and that seems to have helped a lot, too.

David C


Thanks Walt I have learnt the hard way to save often and always before a publish. Perhaps it is a memory problem, here at work I have 4Gb. I have a feeling it is something I will have to live with at work. I have 16Gb at home I'll do some work there and see how that is.


Thanks for looking in.


Well thats enough for me today I'm off to Bali tomorrow to soak up some sun. See you all soon.


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