Publsihing storyline course to .mp4?

Hi, looking for any help out there.

My client has advised me that they are not hosting the course on their internet site, rather going with a Kajabi members site.

The problem is that the site will not accept .html. The client does not want the members to be able to down load, so the .zip format is out of the question.

I thought about converting to mp4, but I cannot find any conversion tool to do this easily.

I thought about using the CD version, however, that is an .exe and still requires the folder struture to be included (which is not possible)

Any suggestions?

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Peter Anderson

HI Shawn, 

Since Storyline doesn't support publishing to MP4 or FLV, really the only way of getting your course published to a site like YouTube, would be to record a video of your course using a screen capture program, like Screenr (, and then uploading the resulting movie to YouTube.

Here's an older article discussing it in more detail. He mentions Presenter, but the same would hold true for Storyline. 

Unfortunately, the drawback is that your course would lose its interactivity, which is part of what makes Storyline so cool.