Pulished file size cd vs web vs original ppt

I just converted a huge ppt (410 slide with hundreds of links) file for a group to storyline.  It took forever to import but working great once I had it in the system.  My questions are regarding published file sizes.  I was suprised that a 24mb ppt file turned into a 97mb completed web Story file.  I accepted that as there are hundreds of triggers and they all take power.  I was further surprised though when I published to CD and the folder size was only 45mb.

Any thoughts on this or can someone help me understand?



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Peter Anderson

Hey Tim, 

You're right on both of your observations. It's normal for a converted PowerPoint file to increase in size once you've added triggers (especially hundreds). And currently, Storyline will only compress the file size after publishing (and sometimes after publishing, saving and closing), though that's something that should be fixed in our next update.