Pull LMS Completion Status of multiple courses/learning objects

Does anyone know if it is possible to use a JavaScript trigger within Storyline to pull the LMS completion status of multiple courses/learning objects within the LMS?  I know it is possible to pull the status for the particular course that the JavaScript trigger resides in, but I want to pull the status for a few additional courses in the LMS as well.  Thanks!

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Bart Schutte

Ken, I am not able to help you but hope you can help me.

How to you code a trigger to pull the completion status of the module from the LMS? 

We use Cornerstone and I need to publish new versions of a suite of modules, and this will preserve the completion status in the LMS, but when the user opens the module, it will look as if they have not yet started. I want to be able to read the completion status at the start of the module and then set the various attributes so that it looks as if the user has done everything already. 

But I don't know how to read the completion status from the LMS.