Pulling quiz interaction data in LMS: looking for a solution

Nov 05, 2015


We are using SL 2 and are looking for an LMS that can display results from quiz questions contained in the SCORM file. I am referring mostly to questions and "game like" interactions like drag and drop, text entry, matching drag and drop, etc.

So far the LMS vendors all suggested creating quizzes on *their* platform, which makes everything very "report-able" but obviously deprives us designers of the endless possibilities SL provides us in creating engaging interactions, not just asking the learners some questions.

Any suggestions re:

 - A specific LMS we should be looking at? We have a grocery list of other requirements aside from the above, though. An important one is event management (registration).

 - Tips on how to build our courses in an LMS, in case we do have to take all quizzes out of the SCORM? Take into account that my SCORM files contain many such interactions that are peppered within the course, not just a quiz at the end, so it's not just a simple matter of re-creating the quiz in the LMS.

 Appreciate any insights!




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Maya Yifat

Thanks Leslie!

The thread you recommended was useful, since we are looking at Totara as well. My issue with the activities that are currently included in the SCORM files still remains, tho.

I'm wondering if there is an LMS out there that can pull that information from the SCORM file and tell us what the learners have typed into the text entry questions?

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