Pulling Time in course data from SCORM

We are using Storyline 2 and have a request to use/pull time in course data for someone taking the training.

Basically a feature where we would have the ability to say "You cannot take the final quiz at the end until you've been in the course for "x" number of minutes" while having an accurate reading for the minutes that the learner has been in the course.   Once we reach that number, we would then unlock the final quiz.

I feel that we could pull this off with a slide tracking variable if the learner never left the course and did it all in one sitting.   

Using SCORM however, and allowing learners to leave and return, I am not sure how we could pull this off so that when the learner returns and resumes, we would pick them up with the time that they had been in the course previously and continue from that point.

Is this possible, and if so, is there any documentation that may help us get there?


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