Pulse animation and Slider pop up picture


I have two questions today:

1.  In PPT, there are more animation options than SL2 it seems.  I inserted a shape (line) that I want to pulse a few times but can't seem to figure out how as I don't see "pulse" or "repeat".

2.  This is my first time using sliders and I have set it up but now I want to have a picture pop up each time the slider is moved to each point.


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Daniela Slater

Sorry, Phil.  I'm just not getting it.  I have looked at samples but I just don't understand what I am to do. 

I can't seem to move the slider to the position I want. 

When you say "set the minimum and max", is that the Slide Properties "Start" and "End"?

When I create the trigger, for slider 1, I can set it to Condition to equal 1 ?  It just says slider 2, slider 3, etc.