Pulse animation and Slider pop up picture


I have two questions today:

1.  In PPT, there are more animation options than SL2 it seems.  I inserted a shape (line) that I want to pulse a few times but can't seem to figure out how as I don't see "pulse" or "repeat".

2.  This is my first time using sliders and I have set it up but now I want to have a picture pop up each time the slider is moved to each point.


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Phil Mayor

there isn't any pulse animation in storyline you could create copy of the shape with a glow and make these appear at different times on the timeline to simulate a pulse.

For the slider create different layers with your images on and the build triggers to show each layer when the slider moves.

Daniela Slater

Sorry, Phil.  I'm just not getting it.  I have looked at samples but I just don't understand what I am to do. 

I can't seem to move the slider to the position I want. 

When you say "set the minimum and max", is that the Slide Properties "Start" and "End"?

When I create the trigger, for slider 1, I can set it to Condition to equal 1 ?  It just says slider 2, slider 3, etc.