Punjabi fonts for courses and player


Has anyone tried using Storyline to deliver content in Punjabi? It's the 3rd most widely spoken language in Canada (not sure how many Punjabi speakers there are in the US, but it won't be a small number...)?

Can anyone recommend a font that will allow me to put Punjabi text into a Storyline file?

Worst-case scenario is that I create images for every page, but I'd rather not go down that route just yet...


Andy Dunn, Vancouver BC

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Andy!

Have you tried localizing your content and the player? If not, you might want to check out the following "How To" videos:

How to localize courses

I personally haven't used Punjabi, so I'm afraid I can't give suggestions for that particular language. If you run into issues with translating any of the elements, let us know. Hopefully someone that's worked with this language can give you some additional tips! :)

Thanks and good luck on the course, Andrew!


Andrew Dunn

Thanks Christine - Punjabi isn't one of the supported localization languages, so I'll need to edit the text labels individually.

I have the content translated in a word doc, and when I view the content in word, using the 'Raavi' font, the text displays correctly, but when I cut n paste into Storyline and use the same font, it doesn't work.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Andrew,

Seems like a very popular language, I'm sure someone has used it in a course at some point. 

I'm going to put out some "feelers" and see if we can get some suggestions from other community members. You may also want to consider posting over in the Building Better Courses section for some additional exposure. Maybe someone there can give us some tips for this language :)

Hopefully we'll be able to find a font or option that'll work for you. I personally like the image idea, but I can see how that would end up getting a little tedious!